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Zoom-in Oracle Apex Work Space

Oracle Apex Work Space

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       Let's take a Zoom-in the significance of a work space and it's components. The development process takes place in the context of a workspace, so it’s important to know how a workspace is structured.

Oracle Work Space Hierarchy

You can think  foremost of Oracle Apex work space as a cloud computing architecture services for thousands of users.  

Oracle Apex Free work space is a virtual private database   allowing multiple users, applications and schema  to work within the same Oracle Application Express installation but  they can't interact or see each other only with the permission of the work space owner to keep their database objects, data and applications private.
 A  Work Space Contents:

·        One to many users.
·        Zero to many applications.
·        One to many schemas.

Each  application have  one and only one schema during development

Oracle Apex Users 

Once  you created a new work space, you must have a valid access user to login to the work space. Oracle Apex users hierarchy  has three main types i divided them 
according to their authority  as follow:


·        Instance Administrator who owns the privilege to:
o   Fully authorized  to control the work space  instance as Oracle sys user.  
o   Login to the special INTERNAL workspace, which houses the APEX Admin Services application.

·        Workspace Administrators manage the workspace details   over-rides users lock, they can acts as developers.

·        Workspace Developers create and edit the database schema and applications schemas.

·        Workspace End-Users run applications to practice their job, they don't have access to the back-end.

Oracle Database users Vs Oracle Application Express Users

Oracle Users
Oracle Apex Users

"users" &"Schema"

Work Spaces


     ·        Sys
·        System
·        Apex, etc.
·        application  users

·   Instance Work space          Administrators
·      Work space Administrators
·        Developers
·        End Users.

   Data           Storage

Database data dictionary

Apex data dictionary



user's name,  password and privileges managed by commands 

·        CREATE USER
·        ALTER USER
·        DROP USER

user's name,  password and privileges managed by
Oracle Application Express:

1.     Instance Administrator
" Internal " work space (GUI)
 2.     Work space Administrator.
       Not related  to any Oracle           Database User.

Default Oracle 

Oracle creates an empty schema for each user.

Oracle creates a schema for  each Work space user. 

Oracle Work Space Relationship with
Applications, Pages, Regions, and Items

        Oracle work space starts free of application, but once you created the work space one and only one database schema is created.
 You can create and manage one or more user. 
Then, you can start creating one or more application.

Each application can have one or more region it looks like a container for one or more page item

     You can have more than a work space for one email each must has a unique  name . If you cannot remember your work space name, you can request a list of all work space names associated with your email address.

Steps to find your workspace name:

1.     On the Login page, click Find My Workspace on the Tasks list.
2.     Enter your email address and click Find Workspace.
3.     An email with the list workspace names is sent to you.


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