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Oracle Form Visual Attributes

Oracle Form Visual Attributes 

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     At the first glance, a well-designed GUI definitely influences on a customer's eye-appealing. Oracle form offers 'Visual Attribute' to predetermine your form visual it controls...
  • Consistency, it controls GUI in coordinating with the Object Library for consistency.
    • Font e.g. it's Size, Style, Width, Weight.
    •  Color and pattern characteristics, e.g. Foreground Color, Background Color, Fill Pattern, White on Black.
  • Validation, it gives a specific, meaningful validation sign as a warning for the user's consideration; if he mistakenly inputs invalid data.

ask Definition:T
  Create & apply some common use of a visual attribute

Task Solution

   Let's assume we have created and set a visual attribute named 'VA_NAME'. Now, all we need is to recognize how we can use it. Pls. follow and apply such useful code samples:

·        Set an item background color for all records:


·        Set an item background color for one record:


·        Set background color for the current cursor record:


·        Set an item prompt font to bold for all records:


·        Set an item prompt font to normal for all records:


Steps To Highlight Current record:

1.     Select a visual attribute node.
2.      Click on the green (+) sign to create a new visual attribute
3.     Name a visual attribute it e.g. VA_CUR_RECORD
4.      Invoke the visual attribute's property palette & set a background color.
5.      Invoke the data block's property palette.
6.     Assign 'VA_CUR_RECORD' to Current Record visual attribute property.
7.     Compile, generate, save and run the form.

      The trigger type and position level depends upon your requirement. It is unrestricted. On the other hand, paying more attention to the details of every step in the system life cycle helps in delivering a successful working application with a friendly user interface.  

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