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Create Your First Web Application Only Within 3 Minutes

Create Your First Web Application
 In 3 Minutes

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      It is well known that building a web site application is a difficult job task; it takes long time and effort to build a web page application.

Believe it Or Not To Believe it. Now, You can create your first web page within only three minutes. 

!!!...How Can You Do It ? You can just do it     

Oracle Apex New Technology Offers it Free & Live. On its Free Work Space.   
Paste the following url to your browser 
    • work spaceapex_demoo
    • user:  n
    • pass word:  ApexDemo5

     Well, if this is your first time you think to learn Oracle Apex then you will need  to know that NO web page can be built without three components...
·        A work space.
·        A schema.
·        An Application.

You can read about them in previous articles. Now, let's start creating your First Oracle Apex Web Page through using the wizard.

Task Definition   
        Create an Oracle Apex Web Page.

   Task Solution

      There are more than a way to start your new web page wizard. Let's  follow:  
One way you can use is during Creating Your Web Base Application.

After login to your Oracle Apex dashboard page, press the page builder shortcut.

  • You can either press the upper left shortcut or the blue button marked with red to launch the web application wizard.

  •     Select the Desk Top Application marked with red.

  •   Specify the required application name & the application number is given by default. It is unique but can be changed if you like. Then, press next.

  •   Press the 'Add Page' in order to create your web page application in the mean time of creating your application.

  •    Choose one of the available web page types as required. Let's choose Form and Report page. In this page you must specify the table name on which the form and report web pages will be based. Then press add page.    

  •  You will notice a list of pages displayed. One blank Home page is created by default with the new application. In addition to the two form and report pages we have just created.  Then, press next.

  • Oracle Apex gives you the advantage to inherit any shared components you previously built in other application e.g. list of values, themes etc. in order to save your time and effort in the development process. Keep it as default. Then, press next.

  •  Oracle Apex gives you the ability to configure you application language, date and time format if you like. You can press next and ignore it without any error 

  •  Oracle Apex gives a final chance to check your final application configuration and  modify it back if you like before confirming its creation. 

  •  Finally, you get your first Oracle Apex new web application at the mean time with two web form and web report within at most three minutes. 

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