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Dynamic List Item

Create a Dynamic List Item

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Task Definition: Create a Dynamic List Item

Let's have a quite simple application, e.g. "Club Membership" application involved  two simple tables 'YEARS' and 'MEMBERS' with two abstract column contents; id and name column for each table individually. Now, we want to populate two list items dynamically for each individually.

Task Execution Idea:  You can follow the following logical steps to accomplish the task safely and properly...


   ''ADD_LIST_ELEMENT''Using the following procedure 


       ADD_LIST_ELEMENT(list_id ITEM, list_index VARCHAR2, list_label VARCHAR2, list_value VARCHAR2);

o   Syntax Specifications

o   list_id: Specifies the unique ID that Oracle Forms assigns when it creates the list item.
o   Use the FIND_ITEM built-in to return the ID to an appropriately typed          variable.  The data type of the ID is ITEM.
          Example:  v_ stage  ITEM  := FIND_ITEM ('STAGE.st_id');
o   list_index:  Specifies the list index value.  The list index is 1 based.
o   list_label  Specifies: the VARCHAR2 string that you want displayed as the label of the list element.
o   list_value:  The actual list element value you intend to add to the list item.
o   Get_List_Element_Value: access the current index number for each loop independently. 

·        This procedure adds only a single element to a list item. 
·        This is not practical for multi-list values…

So it's more logical to think about looping through the whole database records stored in your 'List Item' table.
          Consequently, it's more appropriate use For…. Loop structure.
·      It's a dynamic procedure; it executes run-time. You have to free the memory from any old value to get actual and correct values result

·      built-ins used as needed:

o   CLEAR_LIST Built-in: Clears all elements from a list item. After Oracle Forms clears the list, the list will contain only one element the 'Null' value, regardless of the item's required property.
o   GET_LIST_ELEMENT_COUNT Built-in: Returns the the current index of the list item.

Task Solution: 

Let's follow the above mentioned solution idea concerning…

ADD_LIST_ELEMENT(list_id ITEM, list_index VARCHAR2, list_label VARCHAR2, list_value VARCHAR2);

Pls. Follow the logic of the following steps to do the task safely and properly...


     v_count    NUMBER := 1 ;

     CURSOR  year_cur  IS SELECT year_id , year_name
                                          FROM  YEARS ORDER BY  year_id;

     v_ year  ITEM  := FIND_ITEM ('YEARS. year_id');

    CURSOR  member_cur IS SELECT member_name , member_id
                                           FROM  MEMBERS ORDER BY member_id ;

    v_ member ITEM  := FIND_ITEM ('STAGE. member_id');

     CLEAR_LIST (v_ year);

     FOR  m in year_cur LOOP

/** Get_List_Element_Value access the current index number for each loop independently.
This helps Determine the total number of list elements. **/

     ADD_LIST_ELEMENT t(v_ year  , GET_LIST_ELEMENT_COUNT(v_ year)+1,  m. year_name , TO_CHAR(m. year_id));


/* The traditional technique */

  CLEAR_LIST (v_ member);
 FOR  z in member_cur LOOP

     ADD_LIST_ELEMENT (v_member, v_ member +1 , z. member_name , TO_CHAR (z. member_id ));




o   You may face a Compilation error i.e.
  FRM-30351: No list elements defined for list item
  and a run time error i.e. unable to resolve reference to the item...
o   Although you fill your list item dynamically at runtime, but the 'Null' value always displays in the List Item.
           Key Reason: By default, the property of the list item 'Required' is set to 'YES'.
       Key Solution:

               *       Reset List item property: 'Required' value to 'NO'.
               *       You must provide 'dummy' values: let's say 0.

For more advanced techniques pls. read dependent drop down list

Hope this helps…

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