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Create a Stacked Canvas on a tab Canvas & Return Back

Create a Stacked Canvas on a tab Canvas  
Return Back.

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Key Problem: the stacked canvas cannot be created on a tab canvas; it throws the following form error FRM-13002.

Key Reason: you have to recognize that both stacked and content canvas MUST be created on the main content canvas.

Key Solution 1: 

·         Draw tab canvas from the layout tool palette on a content canvas.
·        Since you cannot show both  stacked and tab canvas in the same time; from the layout view:
o   Select 'View' menu
o   Click on stacked view
 (To "hide" the tab-canvas).

·          Draw a stack canvas at the upper top of the content canvas.

·         Set the stack canvas's X position and Y 
     position on tab page. 
(This lets you adjust the stack canvas exact position on your content canvas). 
·        Set the stack canvas's Viewport Width and Viewport Height.
This lets you adjust the stack canvas exact Width and Height. 

  • You can use WHEN-TAB-PAGE-CHANGED trigger to show or hide a stacked canvas on tab-canvas ,it depends upon your business logic







Aspects to Consider to Avoid Technical Problems

·         Set the content canvas's property 'Raise on entry' =  'Yes'.
·        This should force the main canvas to be displayed when you are moving the cursor back to block.
·        Set the Tab Canvas's property 'Raise on entry' = 'No'.
·        Set the Stacked Canvas's property 'Raise on entry' = 'No'.
·        You can use other triggers e.g.  POST-TEXT-ITEM or KEY-NEXT-ITEM instead of WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED Trigger this depends upon your need.

Key Solution 2: 

The following is another solution to the problem...
In other words; the previous Aspects will be consider, but only the code used will be changed.
Pls.  follow the steps to solve the problem properly...

 Create a button on the tab-canvas e.g. to show the details of the employee's information such as Changing the canvases, block and item names in respect to  your actual form object names.

-- Show the Stacked Canvas...


/* Pls. note the following item should be 
navigable and visible in your stacked canvas form */

GO_ITEM ('item_name');

-- hide the original content canvas


Return back to the Tab Canvas

In order to return back to your content canvas pls creates a button in your stacked canvas in WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED Trigger.

pls. Copy the following code and rename if necessary...

-- Hide the original stacked canvas


-- Display the original content canvas



/* Pls note the following item should be navigable and visible in your Content canvas form */


Stacked Canvas on a Tab Canvas Upsides

*        Reducing the traffic of unnecessary text_items as an optional choice.
*        Increase the user readability; an adequate space between form items.
*        Meaningful item tab navigation; display a set of required items priority and hide  other set of detailed or unnecessary form items.
*        You can also use it in hiding secured items from other users.  

Hope this helps

My success only comes from Allah, pls. note your comments and suggestions are great help for me in progress thanks in advance.

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