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Generate Oracle Arabic Report 10g - PDF

Generate Oracle Arabic Report 10g - PDF Format

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: Key Problem

 Generating Oracle Arabic Reports - PDF results in Arabic words are displaying in different characters in form window.  

 Key Solution:

You have to set your report language to "Arial" Font not any other font, if the report displays rubbish data.

If your report displays data in question marks???, then you must  modify your  nls_lang.


You have three NLS_LANG is located in your windows registry in three different entries. One for Oracle database, the other for forms and the third is for reports. 

       Or ARABIC_United Arab Emirates.AR8MSWIN1256
2. Set REPORTS_PATH to the system font directory such as C:\WINDOWS\Fonts
3. Open uifont.ali font file under D:\DevSuiteHome_2\tools\common , set the font alias entries at 
[PDF:Subset] section.
   The following font names are what you have to use in your report.
    Arial = "arial.ttf"
    Arial..italic... = "ariali.ttf"
    Arial...Bold.. = "arialbd.ttf"
    Arial..italic.Bold.. = "arialbi.ttf"
   "Andale Duospace WT J" = "Aduoj.ttf"
   "Albany WT J"="AlbanWTJ.ttf"
   "Arabic Transparent"="artro.ttf"

NOTE: u can set any other Font name other than Traditional.ttf
4. Run the report with DESTYPE=FILE and DESFORMAT=PDF

Pls check the following link For more details of Font Sub-mask

Hope this helps…

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