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Hide the Default Bar in oracle forms 11g  (

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Key Problem: 

Hide the default window menu bar in oracle 11g forms

Key Solution:

 The "guiMode" parameter is a new feature in forms 11g ( that controls the runtime GUI of a Form application   

Ways of setting the guiMode parameter
The guiMode parameter can be specified in the URL        
A value can be provided in the formsweb.cfg file (Forms configuration file).

The guiMode parameter affects the visibility of GUI components 
The default Windows menu bar provided by the client
The title bars of all the windows in a Form. 

Note: The guiMode value takes effect for menu bars only when the Forms menu module parameter is set to null.The guiMode value affects only this default menu bar provided by the client.
- The default guiMode value is 0 , If  guiMode = 2 or 3, when windows title bar is not visible, windows cannot be maximized or minimized.

Caution: Though it is possible to maximize or minimize the window using built-ins, users should not minimize the window. This is because once the window is minimized, it cannot be restored.

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