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Maximize Oracle Window Forms

   In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most MercifulPraise be to Allah, blessing and peace be upon our prophet Mohammed, his family and his companions. After that, 

     I believe that the rule #1 in structuring a user interface is a consistency that allows developers to reuse code for similar tasks. Consistency helps you to minimize the effort spent in fixing errors, reducing the training costs consumed in explaining the logical workflow that matches their real workflow and increasing the user's adaptability to work on the application. Thus, your application will make sense to the user if every widget or control works consistently as expected.

    On the other hand, Upgrading Oracle from client-server to the web base was the biggest challenge that a lot of companies had. Oracle Web forms are a different kind of architecture: 3-tier (client-application-data). At the client, Forms runs in a Java-applet started from a web browser. 

    Hence, the 'Maximum' Window button is an example of inconsistency; it was working fine in client-server architecture, but it won't work the same way in 3-tier architecture.

     Now, let's highlight the issue of "Maximize Oracle Window Forms" this would really help maintaining consistency all over your application specially in upgrading from client-server to the web base application.

 Key problem:  Oracle Window web-base Form NOT Maximizing.

Maximizing Oracle Client-Server Window forms is different from maximizing MDI window on Oracle web-base forms using the same code in WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE  Trigger :


Even though the MDI window on Oracle web-base forms appears as Maximized but it is NOT actually maximized and it doesn't show the complete status bar. 

Key Reason:

   Unfortunately, there is no built-in way to actually "MAXIMIZE" in the parent or MDI window. This issue has been explained in BUG#4944285 Known and  Note 181100.1

Key Solution: 

Search for  formsweb.cfg file, open it with note pad to view the content, look for a parameter called ' separateFrame' this parameter takes a Boolean data type either True or False value. edit and save the changes you prefer to make after reading the difference between the two value's affection.


Oracle Web base Forms cannot actually maximize the separate frame for the JRE limitation issues, but alternatively you can maximize the MDI Window to be the same size as the applet container. You have two options either:

1.   You can add the following code to WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE  or PRE-FORM trigger:



2.  Or you can use the following java bean example in the following link:  

        A JavaBean to handle the Forms applet's frames

3.     Alternatively you can use  Michael Ferrante's suggestion (Principal Product Manager).  

In this 'separateFrame' value option 'FALSE', the form's parent window container is the browser itself. Oracle Forms cannot maximize the browser.

The Oracle Forms window MDI only fills out the applet container space NOT the web browser. Thus in order to maximize the web browser you have to set the following in formsweb.cfg file.



Note: Pls. refer to My Oracle Support  Note:358468.1
 This note explains the bug issue with a specific solution on
 " How to Maximize the MDI Window correctly on Web showing the Status bar?" 

Hope this helps…

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