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Oracle Forms
 Default Menu Toolbar

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     Oracle forms can easily handle the CRUD processes of your system application and more in one menu toolbar.
 New developer with a  previous experience of other programming languages tends to manually handle the CRUD processes by  writing many lines of code which almost ends with wasting time and efforts while Oracle forms presents these functions and more in a menu toolbar.

Oracle forms toolbar 
 is a set of iconic buttons that represent individual items from a menu. Some of these buttons are  shortcuts to the forms basic operations CRUD  of Captured One.

The Acronym CRUD 
refers to all of the major functions that are implemented in relational database applications. Each letter in the acronym can map to a standard SQL statement as follows:

  Create  - INSERT  - to store new data.
  Read    - SELECT  - to retrieve data.
  Update - UPDATE - to change or modify data.
    Delete  - DELETE  - delete or remove data 

Without at least these four operations, your application  software cannot be considered complete. 
The  Oracle Forms default menu toolbar is not a separate menu module, but is built into every form module. If and Only if a developer specify this into each for menu as the  following steps:

·        Press (F4) to open the form module property.
·         Functional's node > select  menu module  property.
·        Paste  > DEFAULT&SMARTBAR

It includes standard commands for database transactions e.g. Save, New, Delete, Print button and common  navigating arrows as shown in the below image

Alternatively u could either create a canvas toolbar from canvas's property> canvas type> toolbar.
Or u could customize the menudefs.mmb. in the demos provided by Oracle.


  •        Pls notify that the DEFAULT&SMARTBAR must be attached if required to every form module as mentioned.
  •        The default menu toolbar is not for customization because it is a part of the frmall_jinit.jar.

In my point of view, any Oracle Developer  building a new system application can optimize his time by using the default menu toolbar giving by Oracle forms.
 Otherwise, if any other requirement is needed you can create your own customized one.

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