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 Forms 6i Icons Do Not Display on Windows 7 


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    In respect to fulfilling customer's requests on a daily basis, your customer may ask you to make his old forms version application ' forms 6i' works on his laptop or his windows 7 work office PC.

Many issues you will face concerning compatibility between Oracle forms and Windows 7 operating system.

    The Oracle Form icons issue is a significant issue for your forms application. If your form icons do not display icon images, then your whole project will be stuck.

Key Problem: 

Oracle forms 6i Icons Do Not Display on Windows 7 version.

Key Reason: 

The reason of this issue is as a result of either the path of the form's icon parameter is Not Set correctly or it is not initially created before running your form.
   On the other hand, if you verified that your iconic parameter is exist and set correctly with the appropriate folder name and path, then most probably it's a compatibility issue of using such old form version with newer operating system version.

Key Solution:

·        Select Windows Start menu > Choose Run > enter regedit, and click OK.

·      Close all your Oracle forms.

·     Check that the UI_ICON is set correctly:
o   If your operating system "Windows7 32 Bit" then follow the Registry
o   If your operating system"Windows7 64 Bit" then follow the Registry
o   Alternatively,  Search for UI_ICON key; Press F3
o   If  you found it Double click UI_ICON  key to open or edit it > copy the path of your image folder and reset  UI_ICON key the paths of your icon folder
o   If  not found then you have to manually Create a Registry Key string: UI_ICON
         o   Then Double click UI_ICON  key to set the correct path for your button icon images. 

·     Second, Search for the Oracle forms 6i executable file name: “IFBLD60.EXE”  right click the file under “File Properties“ -> “Compatibility”  tab : you have a check box option > “Run this program in compatibility mode” you had a check mark on this option during installation process to start; now you have to “uncheck” it.

·      Reopen your old Oracle forms 6i, you will be able to see your icons in Forms run-time.  

·        Client/server Forms uses the' .ico' format for icons.
·        Specifying the icon name in the property palette of your form; just put the 'open' not 'open.ico'.

Hope this helps…

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