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The Best 3 Steps For Handling Oracle Forms Messages

The Best 3 Steps For Handling
Messages Oracle Forms 

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       One of the most critical application concerns for a developer and for an end users  is planning for handling application messages. Since, it reflects the quality of your code outputs is it buggy or it handles the end-users requirements effectively. 
      It is really embarrassing if  you are in the presentation at your customer's company explaining your wonderful program and one of the unpleasant informative or error messages popes up at your customer's face. Well, it's not the end of your career life, you can manage this situation tactfully. 
Let's limit the worries and start implementing a real reliable effective solution.

ask DefinitionT   
     Suppress Oracle Forms Informative & Error  Messages

Task Solution:

  Step One: 

     Create a database table for customizing your form errors as follow:

,MSG_CODE NUMBER (5, 0) NOT NULL Primary Key 
; ( 

 Step Two:

    Run the following Ready Made English Messages Script  as a sample data of such common Oracle Forms Informative and error messages.

Step Three:

    Create On-Message and On-Error Triggers. Now, you paste the following optimized code into each trigger on form level with which you can handle the forms informative and error messages effectively.

        lv_errcod              NUMBER := ERROR_CODE;
       alert_message     VARCHAR2 (200);
         SELECT msg_desc
         INTO     alert_message
         FROM   error_messages
         WHERE msg_code = lv_errcod ;
       alert_message:=message_type||'-'|| To_Char(message_code)
 || ': ' ||  message_text;
 Raise Form_Trigger_failure;    

        It's also a quite good idea to create a pl/sql library in oracle forms that includes a a procedure encapsulated in a pl/sql package with the previous code in order to  facilitate reusing the optimized code as an object in each form application.  

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