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Oracle Database Installation
 Environmental Path Error

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Today, I am going to explain to you one of the common problem you may face during your oracle database installation.

Task Problem Challenge:   

   Raise an error on Oracle database installation as follow:
·        In Oracle 10G the error is: The environmental path is more than 1023 characters.

·        In Oracle 11G the error is: The environment variable path is too long.  

Task Solution idea

If  you encountered an error during Oracle database installation it is recommended by Oracle NOT exit  the Oracle Universal Installer. I also recommend you to read the pre-installation requirements or Google for this error.

Why do we encountered such error ?

Oracle data base software is subject to the path environmental variable limitation which is predefined in Oracle universal installer. This path size limitation differs according to the Windows version.

Task Solution

     In order to reach to the System Environmental Variables path For Win 7 - 64 bit 
pls follow the steps:

     You can click ignore and continue installation or correct the error from
Control Panel >  System > Advanced System Settings > 
Advanced TAB click Environment Variables > Select PATH in System Variables. Then, follow the following solution steps.

The Solution Steps:

·          Step 1: Copy of your environmental variable path to any text-editor (e.g. notepad) and save this file on your desk top as backup file.
·         Step 2: Reduce the path size to less than 1023 characters. Remove path variables at the end.
·         Step 3: Continue the oracle installation by pressing “retry” button.
·         Step 4: Add the removed path values again  at the end of the current environmental path after Oracle installation has successfully completed.

 Please, DO NOT  remove any system related paths which contain %SYSTEMROOT% etc.. ) this will lead to Windows damage. 

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