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 Closing Multiple Windows 

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     A window is just a container for all logical visual attributes that make up a Form Builder application. A single form may include several windows. You must create at least one content canvas for each window, but only one content canvas can be displayed at run-time, even though more than one content canvas can be assigned to the same window at design time.

Key Problem:
 When clicking the close ('X') ICON of the current window, another existing window is getting opened which is not desirable feature.

Key Reason:
 There is no default behavior in closing Oracle Window Forms; when a user chooses the Close Menu item or the upper right ('X') icon. The window form will not automatically close. You must define a form-level trigger "When-window-closed" with such associated built-ins or system variables.   

Key Solution:

When-Window-Closed trigger:

      In regard to Single Oracle Window  form, you can use the mentioned trigger  to  close a window pro-grammatically when the operator issues a window manager–specific close command. Issuing the close command is just perfect for a single window form.


     In regard to multiple Windows form consider "SYSTEM.EVENT_WINDOW" system variable. It keeps the name of the last window for which a window interaction trigger fired. You can also use this system variable to perform different actions for different windows in your window interaction triggers.

You can close a window using built-ins.


WHEN-WINDOW-CLOSED trigger example at form-level...

Suppose you have more than a window (WINDOW1, WINDOW2 ...)
 You can perform closing each window by using the following system variable


  -- Do something while closing window1/canvas1 



  -- Do something while closing window2/canvas2 


   ... etc.


Or you can use the following built-ins in "WHEN-WINDOW-CLOSED" trigger 





...This applies on any form window types or forms version

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