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Create Auto-Increment Numbers Manually Client-Side

  Create Auto-Increment Numbers Manually Client-Side

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  Auto-incremented allows a unique number to be generated automatically when a new record is inserted into a specific table you have pre-  determined.
Often it is a database field of a primary key constraint type. we would like to create it automatically  in synchronize with every new record is inserted into the database table.

  • Generally, there are two types of auto-increment number 

    1. Server Side. 
    2. Client Side. 

Task Definition:   

Create an Auto-increment Number Client Side Manually.

Task Solution:

 Let's start doing that task. 
 Once, you login into Oracle Apex, open SQL WORKSHOP.

Create A New Database Table   

  • Create a new Oracle Apex Page as follow...

  • Select a new blank Oracle Apex Page. Then, click next to continue ...

  •  Specify the Oracle Apex Page name as follow. Then, click next to continue ...

  •   Select create a new navigation menu entry and specify its display name in the new navigation menu entry as follow. Then, click next to continue ...

  •  Check the page summary. Then, press Finish to confirm its creation.

  •  The blank page is successfully created as follow. 

  •  Press run button to check its successful creation.

  •   Select Regions, press right click with mouse. Then, select Create Region.

  •   Now a new empty region is created. Rename it with Serial_Demo.

  •  Select the new created region, press right click with mouse and select Create Page Item. 

  • Follow the necessary modification concerning; name, label. 
  • Under Source> select  Type > Database Column  .& specify the Database Column name as Demo_Id.

  • Create another page item called Demo_desc the like in the  previous steps.
  • Follow the necessary modification concerning; name, label. 
  • Under Source> select  Type Database Column  .& specify the Database Column name as Demo_desc.

  • Press Save & Run button to check the last modification.

  •  Select the process tab, then the process folder, press right click with mouse and select Create Process. 

  • Follow the necessary process modification concerning; name, label. 
  • Settings  > select  Table Name > Serial_Demo 
  • Primary Key Column >  Demo_ID
  •  Primary Key Item > F3_Demo_ID

  • Create another process called  Auto_Number_Process.
  • Type PL/SQL Code

PL/SQL Code   


  • Select Regions, press right click with mouse and select Create Button.

  • Follow the necessary button creation concerning; name label
  • Layout > Button Position > Create  
  • Behavior  >  Action > Submit Page.

  • Select SQL WORKSHOP drop down list 
  • Select Object Browser.
  • Right click on Object Browser.
  • Select Open Link in a new tab as follow... 

  • Object Browser will be opened in a new tab as follow.
  • Search for the table name.

  • Check for any data in the table data tab. You will find no data exists.

  • Go pack to the Page Designer & run the page in the browner.
  • Insert data in the demo desc page item.
  • Press Create button.
  • I accidentally stacked in this error for 2 minutes.
  • Then go to inspect for it. 

  •  I found a logical error in the sequence of the two processes i have just created
  • I fixed it by preceding the auto increment pl/sql code before inserting it.
  • So i re-order the processes with the logical correct sequence to its execution then it works successfully.

  •  Run the page then input some data.
  • Press Create button.

  • A pop-up message declares a successful inputs into the database. 

  • Now, let's check data into the database.


  •  I shared this task with you since it involves many web concepts really we all need to recognize. In Shaa Allah, later on i will discuss these concepts with you to realize how Oracle Apex works. 
  • Oracle recommends working with server Side because it is more reliable and secure than the client side code.

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